Lifestyle and Complementary Care

Lifestyle choices such as a poor diet, being overweight, consuming too much alcohol or smoking can all affect a couple’s ability to fall pregnant.

Complementary therapies such as counselling, dietary analysis and acupuncture have been shown to combat a variety of problems that may be hindering your endeavours. Crucially, they are a fantastic resource to be used in what can be a very stressful and trying time.

We are dedicated to working closely with complementary therapists to carefully determine the best course of action for your needs and deliver a custom and tailor-made package that will help you achieve your goals and achieve a successful outcome.

Complementary therapy incorporates a number of treatments such as:


Studies have shown that acupuncture can help increase fertility by increasing blood flow as well as regulating hormones. Acupuncture promotes the release of endorphins in the brain which in turn stimulates the oestrogen and progesterone produced, increasing the chances of conception.

Support counselling

As well as taking care of your body, it’s important to look after your mental health when trying to conceive. Any feelings of anxiety or depression can have a powerful influence on the process and potentially sabotage your chances of conception.

Diet and Nutrition

You are what you eat so of course what you put into your body will have a significant effect in the creation and maintenance of healthy eggs and sperm. An individually tailored nutrition plan can help to maximise your chances of a successful, healthy pregnancy.


Stress is part of everyday life but you may find that trying to get pregnant for a prolonged period of time causes you extra stress.

Sustained stress could affect your fertility so it’s crucial that you feel as relaxed as you can when trying to get pregnant.

Regularly practicing meditation can help you to better manage the stress in your life and improve your chances of conception.


Fertility yoga incorporates breathing techniques, visualisation and gentle poses to encourage blood flow to the heart, hips, uterus and abdomen.

These poses help to promote relaxation and foster a nurturing sense of self-care to combat any stress which can inhibit fertility.


It has been proven that women who exercise often are more likely to conceive than women who are inactive. Any activity which raises your heart rate, makes you breathe faster or increases your body temperature can help to boost your fertility